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3D Scroll Saw Works

As a young man in high school I got to major in art and music. In college my plans were to get a degree in art and be a high school art teacher.  Well, I met the love of my life Mary Burks, a senior majoring in secondary education. Yes, 6 months later we got married.  We will be married 49 years this December 2020.   I did not finish art school, but God had other plans for our lives. I got in the health insurance business and became a vice president of a health insurance company here in Loveland, Colorado.  I retired 32 years later.

I am a two- time cancer survivor which changed my life forever. I had Melanoma and the latest, a very aggressive form of prostate cancer.  Thank God, after 3 years, according to my test results and doctor, I am cancer free. I believe that God gives us a ray of sunshine in most trials we are faced with. Radiation treatments gave me lots of time to get back into what I loved doing with my scroll saw and wood working projects.

I thank God daily how I now have time in my retirement years to enjoy my art once again.  So here I am, making all kinds of projects from making furniture with reclaimed barn wood to all these projects with my scroll saw.  I am now adding new ones all the time.