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Creations in Cork

Artist: Greg & Kathy Burdick

Erie, CO

Greg & Kathy Burdick started Creations in Cork when they learned that 13 billion wine corks are disposed of each year. Because they believe that the corks themselves are visually pleasing and give each cork creation its on distinctive look, texture and appeal, they decided to collect them from friends and businesses across the country and turn them into unique works of art.

Working in their Colorado studio, Greg and Kathy Burdick use new and recycled wine and champagne corks to meticulously craft their creations. No matter the critter, birdhouse or other design, each and every cork is individually handled, whether it's being cut, sanded or glued. They believe each handmade creation is a true work of art that appeals to wine aficionados, unique gift givers, and the environmentally conscience.



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