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Laura's Glass Garden

Artist: Laura Garden

Colorado Springs, CO

I bought this humming bird feeder after being frustrated with the lack of activity my plastic feeder got even though I lived the foot hills.  It was more expensive and I was weary about the glass breaking or the metal rusting.  To my surprise, the glass did not break the several times I dropped it, the metal was always clean looking, the feeder did not drip on to my deck and did not fill with wasps or bugs.  I accidentally left it out all winter and when I went to fill it the next Spring I was surprised to see how clean it was.  It took 2 years before I had the Ah-ha moment and realized that if it was the best humming bird feeder, that I should share the joy by painting them and selling them along with my other  bottles.


The Hand painting is done in a seven step process where I actually glue the paint on the glass and seal it with numerous coats of clear enamel.  It is designed to withstand the weather and will not fade.



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