Pastels in H.D.

Artist: Holly Daley

Estes Park, CO

Pastel artist, Holly Daley, is a late-in-life creative, who has always enjoyed the act of creativity and has dabbled in art throughout her life. Her mother is a professional artist who works in oils & acrylics.
Holly has always sought and enjoyed the aesthetically pleasing and she see the value of beauty in all
aspects of life: in nature, in simple sensory pleasures, in the way in which there is glimmering light/dancing shadows/vibrant color, or the emotion felt from a particular sight or subject. She loves color and feels that pastels give her the ability to translate what she sees, feels, or experiences into richly colored images on paper. For her, there is no other medium that can provide the lavishness,
luminosity or tantalizing color that is capable with pastels.

It is a pleasure for her to create her paintings and feels that it is an honor to share them with you…