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This painting has a lot of personal meaning and connection for me. As a woman,  I've grown to love myself in different ways along my life, and I know that journey will continue. This theme is not new, it's as old as culture itself. Commonly known as "Maiden-Mother-Crone" in the Celtic culture, these three stages of womanhood offer a deeper look into body, mind, and spirit. I designed my Art Nouveau/Celtic border to reflect the grounded, sturdy roots at the bottom connecting us to earth. As you rise up, I wanted to reflect a thin veil between heaven and earth at the top - permeating the idea that Source/God/Heaven is above us, in us, one with us, and integrally, we are a part of and a representation of "the whole." Each chapter or our lives is equally important and should be fully lived.

Body, Mind, Spirit

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