Celebrate Life welcomes you to a world of color, celebration, and soul connection. This deck contains 22 beautiful cards with vibrant abstract paintings on each front and powerful affirmations on the back. Create sacred space, allow the energy of the paintings to move and inspire you, connect to the words that speak to you, and let them spark a profound conversation with your soul and spirit. May the cards evoke a sense of wellbeing, joy, deep connection, and love. Celebrate you and consciously co-create the life of your dreams.

- 22 inspirational affirmation cards + 1 cover card in a tin box with transparent window

- each individual card measures 3 11/16" square, and has rounded corners

- printed on strong card stock, UV-coated for everyday use


- display your chosen card through the box window, either painting side up or affirmation side up

- they stand up easily on your altar, desk, nightstand, meditation space…

- small enough to take with you to create sacred space wherever you go

- watermark for display purposes only, it will not appear on your prints

- the coin in some images is a US quarter for displaying dimensions only

Celebrate Life Affirmation Deck

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