In these beautiful designs, artist Wade Johnson humbly attempts to capture the ancient spirit and lore of some of North America's greatest wildlife inhabitants, and their powerful spiritual relationships with the indigenous people.


The Coyote, or "The Trickster" as he's referred, is a dynamic character in Native American Mythologies.  Whether he is playing the role of the heroic creator or a devious manipulator, Coyote shows us the beauty of the human spirit while teaching us not to take ourselves to seriously.  Look closely at this piece and you'll notice a playfulness to it's rhythms and numerous placements of windows and stars, because Coyote is a bringer of insight and helps us laugh at the great cosmic joke, which is of course,  on all of us.


These prints are available in 11x14 & 14x20 Canvas Prints

Coyote Moon - Stretched Canvas Print