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This DVD will take you through the Bob Ross wet-on-wet method of painting in oil color. The wet-on-wet technique is a very free and expressive way of painting. It's a great way of fulfilling your dreams of creating beautiful paintings and most importantly, it happens quickly. Bob covers in detail all the tools he uses from start to finish. During the video, he shows how to create trees, shrubs, skies, clouds, mountains, water and even a cabin with his unique method of mixing and blending colors directly on the canvas.

An introduction to Bob Ross' popular Wet-on-Wet painting technique. Bob Ross, host of TV's favorite 'Joy of Painting' show, gives you an overview of his technique and shows you how to paint 'Mountain Summit' using his unique materials (materials not included). This full-screen DVD features English voice and subtitles plus Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Dutch subtitles. Length: 60 minutes. All painting tools and materials sold separately. Made in USA.

Getting Started with Bob Ross

SKU: 455990
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