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This Image's Creation Story:

Rocky Mountain National Park - This cold February morning slowly lit up the view from Hallett Peak's summit cornice. A red smear was trying to burn through the clouds on the eastern horizon, giving a faint pink cast to any snow that had direct light. All the shadows, however, held on to the blue of the night. In the distance are McHenry's Peak, Powell Peak, Taylor Peak, Petite Grepon, The Sharkstooth, and Otis Peak. Sheltered from the moderate wind by the summit of Hallett Peak, I stayed a while, enjoying an early breakfast and watching delicate frost form on all of my belongings.



This image is available in 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 Matted Prints and can be purchased as is, or framed with a handmade frame created by the Artist made from reclaimed wood.

Hallett's Blue

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