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This acrylic painting is part of my "Hammered & Hewn Series." I start with a solid panel, then add a sculptural molding compound to create the effects of metal backgrounds. I want every part of my painting to have purpose and texture. ​The warmth of a mica lamp and  copper frame inspired this work. I was on a trip with my mom in 2013 to England, and we went to The Blackwell House in Windermere by M.H. Baillie Scott. I think I died and went to heaven in this house! There was a plaque on the wall that was telling of the reuse this home had in it's floors from a church that had been destroyed. In 1900, they were already thinking of reuse and recycling which I love. The artwork you see is inspired by the border of the plaque in that amazing house.

One of the founding fathers of the Arts & Crafts Movement (1880-1920) was William Morris. This work is inspired by not only his words, but also by his eye for decorative design. 

Morris: Have Nothing

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