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"The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go." I have felt the pull of this quote most of my adult life. My husband and I lived in Denver, then Golden, now Evergreen Colorado, so we are just following Muir's directions it would seem! This painting has been one of my best sellers with its fanciful and colorful mountain landscape

I created this artwork style, which I call my "Tile-Inspired Series" because of my love for the ceramic art tiles from the early 1900s. Grueby, Rookwood, Teco (among others) were creating beautiful decorative narratives with their landscape tiles. Since my medium is paint, I wanted to stay true to my roots and try to create a new style of painting that evokes a similar feeling to the tiles of yesteryear.

I start with an acrylic panel, then add sculptural molding compounds to the surface to create the high relief that's seen in the white outlines of the shapes. Once it's dry, I can sand the forms and then I let the acrylic paint pool in the reservoirs I've created to get a glaze-like effect.

Muir: The Mountains are Calling Quote

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