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Pebeo Latex-Free Drawing Gum 45ml Bottle

Preserve the white paper or wash tones in your artwork!

Drawing Gum is a peel-able rubber solution used to keep areas color free when using ink, watercolor, or gouache. It can be applied to your drawing or painting surface using a brush or a pen. The drawing gum solution dries gray.

Latex-Free Pebeo Drawing Gum - The no odor latex-free version of Pebeo Drawing Gum is certified as AP non-toxic. You should remove the drawing gum from your paper after a couple of weeks to avoid ripping the paper when the gum is removed. This drawing gum is perfect for those that are allergic to latex and sensitive to strong odors.

Key Features:

  • Dry's within about 15 minutes
  • A resistant to preserve color
  • Often referred to as "frisket"
  • Fluid dries blue

Pebeo Drawing Gum

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