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The artist quality colored pencils are perfect for every experience level. High quality pigments feature rich color saturation; soft, thick cores; and smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading. The thick lead resists breakage.

Colors include: PC901, PC902, PC903, PC904, PC905, PC906, PC908, PC909, PC910, PC911, PC912, PC913, PC914, PC915, PC916, PC917, PC918, PC921, PC922, PC924, PC925, PC926, PC927, PC928, PC929, PC930, PC931, PC932, PC933, PC935, PC937, PC938, PC939, PC940, PC941, PC942, PC943, PC944, PC945, PC946, PC947, PC948, PC949, PC950, PC956, PC989, PC992, PC994, PC995, PC997, PC1002, PC1003, PC1004, PC1005, PC1006, PC1007, PC1008, PC1021, PC1023, PC1027, PC1034, PC1051, PC1054, PC1056, PC1060, PC1063, PC1065, PC1069, PC1072, PC1074, PC1083 and PC1084

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils 72/Pkg

SKU: 10131
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