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Vibrant Healing Art

Angelika Schultz - Boulder, CO

Dr. Angelika Schultz is a medical doctor from Germany who specializes in Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration. She loves working with children, babies, and pregnant families, and believes that we can change the world by consciously inviting and welcoming our babies - our next generation - with love.


She is passionate about translating healing energy into visual art. Her vibrant paintings inspire by bringing sacred energy into your space. Several of them express her excitement for pregnancy, birth, and babies.


Angelika enjoys the adventure of layering with acrylic. She often incorporates words into the first layer that relate to the invited vibration. Her abstract paintings are full of symbolism and allow you to discover personal meaning in them. And animals represents extraordinary qualities. Connecting with them through paintings welcomes you to integrate these characteristic aspects into your everyday life.


Angelika loves bringing more light and joy to the world and sharing her art is a way of doing so. She moved to Colorado in 2009 to live with her most wonderful husband.

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